Bruno Gagliasso

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Photo by me. 

Steam is picking up for my new film Everything’s Just Wonderful! Expect exciting news over the next few weeks! Also, if you’re in or around Michigan this summer and are interested in auditioning or working crew for the film, shoot me a message!
I think my room is pretty sweet though. 
Typography by 38ssiew on Flickr.
Under the Bridge by 38ssiew on Flickr.
Photo by b_shackelford on Flickr.
Despite… [16:9] by tylerforesthauser on Flickr.
On the edge @ Preikestolen by Atle Rønningen on Flickr.
heaven and earth by Careless Edition on Flickr.

Incredibly honored and excited to be a brand advocate/explorer for @unitedbyblue, a company who is genuine in their efforts to improve the waters of our worlds. They remove one pound of trash from our waters for every product purchased, so please, if you’re looking for a new company to support, there’s few that match them in their drive and nobility.
 Bag: Derby Tier Backpack (khaki) #bluemovement

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